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Frequently Asked Questions

             What are the advantages of studying for 072 Mental  arithmatic?

1. It has the advantage to develop the left brain or Science and the right brain or Art&Imagine) in order to prepare for learning in science or arts field.

2. Mathematics subject won’t be the difficult or the boring subject anymore.

3. You will have the good ability and skills of calculation without using any assisting tool.

4. It will support your memory , confidence and meditation to study.

Having learnt in this curriculum, didn’t it make them get confused with studying at school?

Indeed, teachers shouldn’t teach students only in calculation with simple ways ,such as to plus , minus , multiply and divide with the numbers. Similarly, it is in the way as if you were good at riding the bicycle or the motorcycle . Then, studying for Mental Arithmetic is like the way you teach children to ride the motorcycles . In addition, it is one method of all to find the results without using the paper. Similarly, it can practice for using memory , analyzing skill and imagination , so children can select several methods to find each answer. On other hand,  students  can apply the original method to solve the problems of mathematics. However, children can select the original method to study of 072 Mental arithmetic. On the other hand, it should focus on the learning objectives without concentrating on only the brain development. Similarly, the obvious advantage to gain is the way of children to make calculation with quickness and accurateness.

What are the big differences between Mental arithmetic and other math systems?

1. When we are studying Mental arithmetic , it seems like we download the information from calculator in our brain and use as our lifetime. Then, it is the basic subject to be suitably for Kindergarten and Primary students to study. Therefore, they require for the basic of math to study mathematics in the school or another school system in better way.

2. The additional point to study Mental arithmetic is to help the children for use the right brain to calculate. In addition, the successful person should use the left and the right brain to be balanced. For example, we teach the new things that their schools haven’t taught before. On the other hand, learning with other systems of Math will make the students get the good grade. However, they still can’t solve the hard problems of math in Olympic. In this case, we know that it is boring to study math in the classroom repetitively to the lessons they learnt in the tutorial school.

Therefore, it should solve the problems from the causes that are to develop the brain cell of children by practicing for both sides of the brains. As the result, Mental arithmatic can assist in this subject with the free skill that is the speed math to use for their life time.

How old is she or he to study Mental arithmatic?

If your kid is studying in kindergarten or primary level without learning math too hard , she or he should share the time to practice calculation skill for being the good basic subject. After that, she or he just come to solve the problems of math in analyzing to prepare for studying at secondary level. In addition, thinking fast will bring into the left time to solve the math problems and check for the answers much more.


How long does she or he to comprehend Mental arithematic?

It should apply with the life time to be worth of money and time investment. Similarly, if each student would like to practice themselves to use the Mental arithmatic  fluently , she or he should study hard on the summer for one month to be good at math. In addition, if the older students have studied this program for one month or studying for every Saturdays or Sundays in 6 months, they will be good at math. On the same way, for the small kids they should learn for this curriculum at least one year while the primary students should learn this program for two years and a half until graduated in 10 levels. However, if the student hasn’t got enough times , she or he can learn until completing in level 7.




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