What’s Mental arithmetic ?


It is the bad mistake for us which thinks that mental arithmetic is the non-useful speed math strategy. On the other hand, although nowadays we have been using computers and calculators , we still see the importance on teaching Mental arithmetic. Besides, it is because this isn’t the main reason to teach the students.

However,  it has the main reason that is to stimulate the brain cell of both sides to work fully and balancing. Then, children can practice their right brains by using Abacus to imagine of math. In addition, the pictures of abacuses become to be the mind geology of them with showing of the capacity of their brain to calculate with numbers.

Similarly, children should make analyzing within the limited times by using for their left brains. Then, this balancing development can’t be found in the general calculation or  study from general mathematic  subject. Moreover, they can solve the problem of math quickly with good development based on the frequency to use and practice Abacus as well as the caring of teachers and the encouragement of their parents.

Don’t lose for the good opportunity to develop your children’s brain and increase their potentials to be the valuable heritages for life time. If interested in this curriculum , please have a free trial lesson by telephone at  +668-9451-3333.


Thus, “vision” can create the Thai genius children in calculation while mission can bring the potential inside humans to appear at most way by using Brain Plus Mind geology. In addition, according to the  philosophy of education management it shows that learning with this curriculum can develop the children’s brain to strengthen in math by learning with funniness and increasing much confidence.



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