How does 072 Mental arithmetic develop the brain work?


menu-index_03     When some people has asked Einstein about his concept of theory , at first he explained with  his imagination and later with words. Thus, it has showed that he has used his right brain to view the overall pictures and imagine as well as using his left brain to search information and make analyzing. In this case, his success has come from his using of both sides of brain in balance way.

In the contest of the experts in Mental arithmetic at Japan , Hiro Aji Tasuchiya has spent least time to find the answer without using the calculator. In addition, with his 13 years olds and superb brain, he got the answer with 0.17575000013279688115015555826658.

Besides, in this case he didn’t have the computer microchip to calculate with the numbers as same as the merchants in the former age. In this case, he had replaced to use Abacus for calculation by making his imagination inside his mind.

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Therefore, a teacher teaching Mental arithmetic said that most people can be the expert of Mental arithmetic if he or she has practiced math calculation since he or she was a kid. However, it should spend much time by controlling his or her mind and having much concentration. In this case, the learning system of 072 Mental arithmetic has applied with the technique to develop the intelligence and increase for the concentration. Therefore, it can bring the genius inside of the child to be appeared and using Abacus is the important media to make practicing. Then, after the child has practiced himself in the higher level , he or she will have his or her imagination to imagine for the abacuses’ pictures in his or her mind.  Therefore, it is in the same way that we programed for the calculation that the learners can use to apply with their life time. Then, it should let them analyzing with the numbers to be expert for the left brains. In this case, apart from the good memory in practicing , it is depending on the noticing , the excellent decision and the good discipline to be expert with finding the answer in more rapidly way than using any technology.

In this case, with the learning for 072 Mental arithmetic it doesn’t have the main objective to teach Mathematics for children in only way , but we still use the numbers and the calculation skills through using imagination. Then, it can be the tool or the media to develop for both sides of brain with developing for the higher level of potential.

In addition, the skill of our brain is depending on the using in order to have much potential , especially for practicing when we are little. Then, it is like the young plants to be grow easily with seeing the outside growth condition not so hard. However, the growth in learning is based on the complex working of brain. In this case, it is worth to provide for the good opportunity by letting the child to develop for their both sides of the brain to be ready for learning in several fields.

14716298_1589362451370039_1934811085113690604_n Kimiko Kawano or the scientist of Japanese medical school has made analyzing for the working of the brain among the students studying Mental arithmetic. In addition, he said that the way to practice this skill isn’t involving with the quickness or the development.

Indeed, the growth of the brain is based on the mediation. Then, using Mental arithmetic is essential to exercise your right brain in order to control your mind and emotions more than the left brain with showing for the basic in analyzing and calculation . Thus, the exercising on the right brain is beneficial when applying for the situation without involving with learning for mathematics. As the result, learning with this curriculum can assist every student to learn new things quicker than others.





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