How does the brain work?


menu-inside_03  “Why my child isn’t good at academic study as same as their brothers and sisters” , one of parents said with showing of disappointment on Tom or his child. After Tom has heard this saying he thinks that he is stupid. On the other hand, in his school several teachers are really fond of the children who are good at Math. For example , A = B and B = C , so A = C. However, Tom can’t see the result with this answer because he thinks that each letter is different from each other. On the same way, Tom is good at sports , music and drawing cartoons , but in these activities they haven’t got a lot of scores , and most people don’t give the importance on these activities much.
In this case, it is known that a child as Tom is existing around the world. Fortunately, now some parents have the good understanding with their child that he or she mustn’t be definitely the stupid student. On the other hand, he or she may not be familiar to use the left side of brains only. Thus, we should know about the work of brains in some ways to manage with your child’s learning and support him or her fully. Indeed, inside our brain it has the size only 3 pounds or 1.5 kg. with the nerve cell numbers exceeding to 10,000,000,000 cells. Similarly, the size of each cell hasn’t showed about the level of our intelligence , except for Einstein who has the large brain. However, people with the largest brain can be the stupid person while normally the male brain is larger than the female brain. In conclusion, it doesn’t show that males might be more intelligent than females.


The brain has three levels:
Level 1 : The Midbrain, the Train stem will make us to be survived , such as level of breathing , digest system , relaxing and sleeping and others.

Level 2 : Limbic system or the emotional brain to make us know about angriness , scariness and jealousy . (2 levels of Vertebrate as called Old brain)

Level 3 : Neo-cortex , such as the cortex inside the mammals and humans with the thickness and the wrinkles. Besides, it has been classified with two sides that are left and right brain. In addition, it is connected with Corpus Callosum to be the pass way of brain cells. After that, the two sides of brain always work synchronously with each other. As the result, each person can use each side of brain to become the expert in each field.

In this case, the searching of researches about the good ability of the brain is involving with the way we act to each child. Similarly, the left and the right brains have their different working connected with Corpus Callosum. In addition, the working of the left brain will command and control for the right brain while the working of the right brain will command and control for the left brain. Then, the right-handed child will good at using for the left brain.


Children with age not more than 4 years old have their most quickness on the brain development. Besides, these both sides can work synchronously. On the other hand, it is working as the mirror , so the loss of brain work in this time can be repaired. Unfortunately, if he is in the age of 5 years old his brain might work with lateral integration connected by Corpus Callosum without separating from each other much.

Thus, we should use for our both sides of brain in the excellent way with full potential ,especially for the parents who should know and understand much about how to use and develop for children’s both sides of brain to work synchronously.

References : 1. Unicom are real ( Imagination bring into learning) and Free Flight ( Potential bring into independence) , Mrs. Barbara Meister graduated bachelor degree and master degree in the field of Kindergarten children , learning disability and education management



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