Comments from parents and students

Comments from mother of Nong Sunsun and Nong Chia
in Seacon Srinakarin Branch
Nong Sunsun has studied Mental arthematic since Kindergarten 3 until later he has his calculation development. Then, he continued to study in Primary level and feels that Mental artithematic ,such as Math is the easy subject with increase the brain development for children. After that, I have taken Nong Chia and Nong Jinny to study the Mental arithematic by Dr. Miang too. Currently, Nong Sunsun studying in grade 7 has graduated from Mental arithematic in grade 10 while Nong Chia in grade 5 has graduated from this special curriculum in grade 10 including of Nong Jinny studying in grade 2 by learning the curriculum in grade 6. Then, now my three children have received the good grade. In this case, it has showed that Mental arithematic can develop both sides of the brain after they can get the good grades in every subject.

Comment from mother of Nong Ice ,Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School

Nong Ice has studied 072 Mental arithematic since he was 7 years old with my requirement. At that time, he didn't know about this curriculum before. After the first week , he has much enjoyment with calculation by showing of good abacus calculation. Then, this curriculum has the good advantage for children with its strategy method to make the quick and correct calculation.
Now, Nong Ice is enjoy to study Math with much concentration and responsibility. Therefore, it should thank for the teachers to take care of him ,and now he is studying Mental arithmetic in grade 7 with the goal to be graduated in grade 10. Besides, now Nong Aem has joined to study with his brother and she is learning with this curriculum in grade 3. Thus, studying Mental arithmetic can help the children to be fond of Math much.

Comment from mother of Nong Botan from Lamlukeka Branch
Before Nong Botan came to study 072 Mental arithematic by Dr. Miang , she didn't have much concentration. However, after she has learnt this curriculum, she has much concentration to study.

Comment from mother of Nong Phum from Lamlukeka Branch
At first, I want my child to have much attention to study only without expect too much. However, surprisely I have noticed that he becomes a happy child with getting the good grade and having better attention after learning this curriculum for 7 years.

Video commented from parents


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